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Celebrating My Birthday In Portugal

This Summer holiday was so much expected. A lot of work lately, not much sunny days in UK made us think of some nice travel abroad. Island of Madeira eased travel restriction for UK travelers. We changed out tickets twice, made many tests and followed many rules to get to the most beautiful vacay destination in Europe.

It is a paradise island. It is a flower and fruit abundance. It is a clear bright sky and deep blue ocean. It is a green cliff and black rock beaches. Well, it is definitely an inspiration place for a any person, especially an interior designer.

Very well deserved vacay in one of the most picturesque villages, Camaro de Lobos, Madeira. Our hotel faced colorful boats and cliffs of the bay.

Over rooftops of Funchal, Madeira.

Green inspiration. On the way to Porto Moniz.

Navy inspiration from Nicole Franzen photography. After travel to seaside I want to share some beautiful deep blue interiors. Color is something we are afraid to use. However, color transforms space and creates new dimensions. Particularly, this corner tells a story about the owner. It shows selection of books, some exotic tropical flowers, Portuguese tiles in the frame of a fireplace with blue color everything works together in amazing way. Mix of a traditional design and modern elements makes it so rich and interesting.

Flower abundance on the fabric looks so elegant and bold.

Blue tiles from Ca' Pietra in blue transforms a bath into luxury retreat place.

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