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My Check List For Moving A Home


  1. Sort out and declutter.

  2. Garage sale and recycle.

  3. Order boxes, tissue paper and bubble wrap.

  4. Start packing from less needed things.

  5. Mark all boxes with names.

  6. To plan what furniture to take to a new place.

  7. Book days off.

  8. Book a van and ask friends to help.

One week before

  1. Inform utility companies that we're moving.

  2. Inform TV signal supplier, TV license, internet provider.

  3. GP, Insurance companies etc.

  4. Inform friends about changing of an address. Send out cards. )

Two days before

  1. Cleaning.

  2. Empty freezer.

  3. Make an essential box of things like clothes to change, tooth brushes, toilet paper, chargers, medication for two days before moving and two days after.

  4. Disconnect wash machine and other.

Last day

  1. Strip the beds.

  2. Last minute vac.

After moving

  1. Make a record and contacts of utility companies.

Have a best August and enjoy the rest of the Summer time!

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