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Summer Bedroom Updates!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

A splash of tropical feeling to your bedroom with plenty of storage ideas from IKEA.

I love that double bed with extra storage space, it is amazing idea for keeping your bedding, throw, pillows. There is no compromise with style. It is sunny, joyful, tropical, comfortable and practical bedroom.

1. MALM Bed frame, high, w 4 storage boxes, white stained oak veneer/LuröyStandard. Double £229

2. MALM Chest of 6 drawers, oak veneer80x123 cm £99

3. MALM Chest of 2 drawers, white40x55 cm £40

4. STOCKHOLM Mirror, walnut veneer60 cm £50

5. MISTERHULT Pendant lamp, bamboo/handmade45 cm £50

6. Basket planter on legs, plant pot, indoor planter, 2 sizes (Etsy)

7. RAKLEV Rug, flatwoven, handmade natural/multicolour70x160 cm


Thanks for stopping!


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