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Home Styling For Harry Potter Birthday Party.

Hey, all! Hope you're doing well. October is taking over so quickkkk. No time for a Fall melancholy. It's time to plan holidays, costumes, entertainment, menu, so much more to do before Christmas. I would like to share few of my party ideas and how to make family time even more special. It is all about having fun and play. Check this out, styling for a Harry Potter Birthday Party for my family and friends!

Our big company. Nephew was serious as a main character.

Party was a big movie play with all the magic and fun. We prepared costumes, I planned all décor and styling. To be honest, our family house is just perfect for the big parties like this.

My nephew Artem received a letter in the beginning of the day saying he has been invited to the Hogwarts with all details inside. Flying letters from Hogwarts were as decoration on the wall.

I created a brick wall as a starting point of the party at the entrance hall. Every kid received a ticket/chocolate and only then entered the room. From the beginning it was a lot of fun and switched the magic ON! Nobody expected a party to be hidden!

Just have a look at our beautiful Helen as a Hermione Granger.

A chocolate bar with a ticket to Hogwarts. All kids enjoyed it! I bought milk chocolates in the shop wrapped with a craft paper and put ticket inside. It was a big success from the start, coz all kids like surprises. A favorite nephew's board of chess. Sometime he plays with granny.

Side table was decorated with led candles, magic stick and gifts for guests.

I used to have a smallest TV ever. You're aloud to have a laugh on it.)) Never been a big fan of it. Eventually, I went to the same faculty as nephew. Obviously, magic!

Some pics from the best party ever. The power of décor created magic. We were happy and proud of efforts. Friends and family did so much work to make it happen. And of course, massive thanks to my best friend and a photographer Tanya Medvedeva @4umom_ent.

I hope you got inspired before the festive season! Let me know if you liked my styling post. Like, comment and share!

Thanks for visiting my page.

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