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Gift Guide : Home '21

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

My September started with moving into a new apartment, a lot of work in between, some travel to Czech Republic and work on new projects. Anyway, I started new series of posts in my blog with gift guides.

In order to make following Fall inspirational and cozy I will put Gift Guide every other month. Stay tuned! It is going to be all about décor, so don't have to worry about any complicated arrangements in your home. It is all about bringing cozy atmosphere in your home with simple tools. Just check it out and follow the links.

Enjoy your October with favorite design products!

Full Gift Guide : Home'21

  1. Radio by Roberts.

  2. 3-pack cutlery by HM Home.

  3. Salad bowl by ZARA HOME .

  4. Super cute kids apron by HM HOME.

  5. Stoneware oil bottle by HM HOME.

  6. Mug by Emma Lacey, Everyday collection.

  7. Ceramic vase by HM Home.

  8. Coffee book.

  9. Candle by HM Home.

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